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Cook Vision Therapy Center, Inc.

Developmental & Behavioral Vision Therapy

Eye doctor

Not only is Dr. Cook residency trained and board certified in optometric vision therapy, he has served on the national and international examination boards that do the certifying. He has appeared on television, authored books, and won awards for papers appearing in national peer-reviewed journals.

Dr. Cook has thirty years of experience in tailoring vision therapy to meet the needs and goals of each child and adult patient. It is one thing to provide vision therapy. It is quite another to select the exact mix of needed visual abilities and to work them until they are completely mastered, changing lives: not just temporarily, but year after year. Call now for an appointment!

  • VISION THERAPY EVALUATION: How are the seven visual abilities affecting comfort, cosmetic appearance, and performance for school, work, driving or sports?
  • DYSLEXIA AND VISION EVALUATION: Our vision therapy evaluation expanded and tailored specifically for reading problems. Is it a vision problem, dyslexia, or both? What steps will make reading more teachable, comfortable, and enjoyable?
  • CONVERGENCE INSUFFICIENCY: Headaches, eye-strain, blurred or double vision for reading and computer work even though a routine eye exam has found that your eyes are normal or your glasses are correct.
  • STRABISMUS (CROSSED EYES): For school-age children and adults--straight eyes, improved 3D vision for school, work, sports, or driving.
  • AMBLYOPIA (LAZY EYE): Patching-free treatment for children and adults— improved acuity in the lazy eye AND improved 3D vision and performance when both eyes are open.
  • 3D VISION: NIGHT DRIVING: No more panic attacks! See the signs, road, and other cars for safety and peace of mind.
  • ADHD & ATTENTION: Visual Problems masquerading as or magnifying attention problems
  • 3D VISION: SPORTS: Enhanced seeing for hitting, tennis, or reading the green.
  • GIFTED STUDENTS: Training eyes and hands to keep up with the gift of a fast mind
  • AUTISM SPECTRUM: A more stable visual world for children or adults on the spectrum
  • CONCUSION OR STROKE: Putting seeing and the world back together again.

Does any of the following describe your life?

  • Your bright child struggles with reading.
  • You are losing the homework wars: twenty minutes of homework takes hours.
  • Headaches and eyestrain persist even though a routine eye exam uncovered no problem.
  • You or your child loves books but hates reading.
  • Poor depth perception interferes with driving, sports, or confidence.
  • Your eyes won't stay straight. You are tired of surgery and patching.

What is Vision Therapy?

Briefly defined, “vision therapy” is like physical therapy for the eyes, teaching you to coordinate your eyes with each other as well as with your hands, body and brain.

In a vision therapy program, we use instruments, special lenses and exercises to give feedback if your eyes are working correctly or incorrectly. This feedback guides you to unlearn poor seeing habits and develop correct ones. Just as when you learned to drive a car, you’ll begin by having to think about how you’re using your eyes. In time, you’ll learn to see more quickly, accurately, and comfortably on a second-nature basis.