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Dave Cook Interview from Line Vreven on Vimeo.

“The Shape of the Sky – Eye Games and Seeing Stories for Discovering Depth in a Flat World”

Dr. David Cook has for forty years taught patients to experience the dimensions of space and his lectures have delighted audiences around the globe.  Now in his book, “The Shape of the Sky”, he shares his expertise with doctors, therapists, and anyone who has a curiosity about how we see the world.   

“Vision is not something that happens to us”, Dr. Cook explains, “but rather something we have learned to do.  We see what we value.  Routine eye exams value how little we can see; this book values how big we can see, the heights of perception rather than just the bottom of the eye chart.”     

We imagine that those standing beside us share our view of the world.  With 3D glasses included with the book and 75 eye games, learn how nothing could be further from the truth.  How we do vision is the difference between excelling in the flat, close world of screens and books or navigating the depths of winding, crowded roads in the dark of night. 

Having read this book, doctor and patient alike will see the world in a new way, a way that truly captures the shape of the sky.

Click Here for Chapter 6 ‘Eye Games’ (need Red/Blue glasses)

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