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Patients travel across the nation to see Dr. David Cook for one reason: expertise

Not only is Dr. Cook residency trained and board certified in optometric vision therapy, he has served on the national and international examination boards that do the certifying.  He has appeared on television, authored books, and won awards for papers appearing in national peer-reviewed journals.  He trains doctors from around the world.  Most importantly, he has thirty years of experience in tailoring vision therapy to meet the needs and goals of each patient.  It is one thing to provide vision therapy.  It is quite another to select the exact mix of needed visual abilities and to work them until they are completely mastered, changing lives: not just temporarily, but year after year.   

"Our purpose is to develop the 7 Visual Abilities needed for you and your family to image

Why allow any of the following to continue to describe your life?

  • Your bright child struggles with reading.  
  • You are losing the homework wars: twenty minutes of homework takes hours.
  • Headaches and eyestrain persist even though a routine eye exam uncovered no problem.
  • You or your child loves books but hates reading.
  • Poor depth perception interferes with driving, sports, or confidence.  
  • Your eyes won't stay straight.  You are tired of surgery and patching.

Free Online Screening

For a free online screening for your child or yourself visit FREE SCREENINGS.  You'll be amazed at the ways in which vision could be affecting your life or the life of your child.  Next, call us at 770-419-0400 to discuss your screening results during a free phone consultation.  See if our services may be perfect to allow you or your child and family to  image

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One Free Book!

Select When Your Child Struggles to learn about the role of vision in your child's reading, learning, and attention. Select Visual Fitness to understand the role of vision in your own reading, headaches, driving or sports.
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Reviews From Our Satisfied Patients

  • "She has had dramatic improvements in Math, Reading, all subjects. Her memory has improved—no more studying for days before a test. Her self confidence has grown by the day. Thank you so much! I tell everyone about vision therapy and our daughter's success."
  • "The changes I've noticed in Ryan since he began vision Therapy are- he now reads more for enjoyment, he has more self-confidence and he comprehends what he reads much better. But, the best change has been that he no longer needs his Ritalin. He had been taking it for 2 years-he has always made good grades and still does, but with much less effort."