Gifted Students


With Your Gifted Child Performing at Potential!

Special Needs of Gifted Students

At Cook Vision Therapy Center we consider it a privilege and delight to work with gifted students. Too often, gifted children with frustrating vision problems manage to get "good grades," but are often over-looked when it comes to the need for vision therapy. As parents, you should ask the question, "Is my gifted child performing at potential?"

Gifted children with eye-muscle coordination problems (see Convergence Insufficiency) compensate by learning to skim the material, leaving out or misreading words, but nevertheless using intelligence to make sense out of what they have read.

Many gifted children have average eye- hand coordination, which just is not good enough. If "your mind travels at a hundred miles per hour while your hands are lucky to make the speed limit," getting thoughts on the page is going to be a chore.

If your child is frustrated and not working to potential, a vision evaluation is in order, no matter how good your child's grades may be.

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